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What's FoodLoop?

What does the app do?

The FoodLoop app instantly informs you if a particular product you selected is reduced in price, because the best before date is approaching. You can specify, which products and supermarkets you wish to see current offers from. According to your wishes and thus customized to your personal shopping habits, you will receive information on price reduced fresh products via your smartphone in real time.

How does the app work?

Once you have installed the app on your smartphone, you can search for offers in your local area: Enter a product of your choice in the built-in search engine to explore the latest offers. The FoodLoop app lists search results according to your personal settings.
For more convenience, the app offers a notification service for your smartphone: With FoodLoop you can create your personal shopping list, containing those products you regularly buy, such as milk, cheese or yogurt etc. You can specify a specific type (eg strawberry yogurt) or the product in general. Additionally, you can specify whether you want to be informed about offers at your favourite supermarket, great deals of a particular supermarket chain or all offers in your local area.

If your supermarket reduces the price of the very product you selected, you will receive immediate information over your smartphone. Depending on the product and number of days remaining, different discounts are applied.

With FoodLoop you ensure that less food is thrown away and actively prevent unnecessary waste. You can do both, shop ecosensitive and save money.

The FoodLoop app will be available for all major smartphone operating systems (Android, Windows Phone and iOS). Consumers will be able to use the same service from home through the FoodLoop web application. Furthermore, the service will be open to all users, in possession of a smartphone/computer or not, via a personal customer card.