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Food-Waste: Tackle the issue head on

Every day, two full carts of fresh groceries are thrown away in each supermarket. Using the example of a single store this amounts to almost € 150,000 per year. But why? These products are close to the best before date and are being trashed. On one hand, supermarkets that advertise "freshness" do not want any supposedly "old" goods in the shelves, on the other hand there might be an understandable reason for this wastefulness: Why should consumers not buy the freshest meat/fruit/vegetable if it is the same price as older products? But what if the apple I want to eat immediately, was cheaper because its date of expiry is day after tomorrow? This would be advantageous to both, the customer and the supermarket.
A discount for resource-efficient shopping, for true sustainability. With FoodLoop, along with a new barcode that encodes the best before date of goods, the consumer can now be rewarded for ecosensitive shopping. Buying products that are close to this date stands for saving resources, instant discount at the cash desk and no more unattractive reduced-price-tags. FoodLoop has developed a system that allows retailers to mark down products whose best before date is close, almost all-automatically through their ERP system (enterprise resource planning system). Interested consumers can be informed about price reductions of their choice in real time via the app. For this innovation, FoodLoop has already received several awards, including one at the local start-up competition of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy "IKT Innovation". But there is still one step left to go: Cooperations with supermarket chains that recognize the potential and the multiple benefits of FoodLoop as an independent consumer platform and would start a pilot project with FoodLoop. "Our goals are very ambitious: Our vision is, that by 2025 all supermarkets in the world are equipped with FoodLoop." says Christoph Müller-Dechent, the founder of FoodLoop. "To accomplish this goal, we have already built up a strategic partnership with the SAP AG , the global leader of enterprise resource planning systems."