• The benefits of the GS1 DataBar are generally are its high encryption density and capacity. While the EAN symbol exclusively encodes the GTIN, more information can be represented compactly in the GS1 DataBar.

  • In addition to the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), it encodes additional information that is often required urgently at the checkout, for example the net weight or the best-before date.

  • For a sustainable economy - The "Google" for food special offers.

  • Efficient use of resources: The first BBD-bound rebate system

Save It All - Your Money & Our Resources!

In Germany, every year, 11 million tons of edible food ends up in the trash. This correlates to €25 billion worth of high-quality products being destroyed every year. The German food retail industry alone trashes 550,000 tons of food this way. Goods that are close to the expiry date are especially affected. This means there is more than €1.5 billion in avoidable food waste in the retail sector. This can be avoided!

By using the FoodLoop app, you contribute to the prevention of needless food waste and make supermarkets operate economically and resource-efficiently. And the best part: You even save money by doing so.

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